Ajakava / Programme

Reede, 11. juuni / Friday, June 11th

  saabumine & sport / arrival & sports
14:00-15:00 lõunasöök / lunch
15:00-16:45 Roman JagomägisPrivacy-Preserving Frequent Itemset Mining With the SecreC Language
Jaak RistiojaAn analysis framework for SecreC
Aivo Jürgenson /
Jan Willemson
On (im)possibility of quantitative security assessment
16:45-17:15paus / break
17:15-19:00 Vahur KotkasModeling and simulation in the service of cyber security
Rain OttisConflicts in Cyberspace
Risto VaarandiClassification of IDS Alerts with Data Mining Methods
19:00-20:00 õhtusöök / dinner
20:00- saun & diskussioon / sauna & discussion

Laupäev, 12. juuni / Saturday, June 12th

08:30-09:30 hommikusöök / breakfast
09:30-11:50 Riivo Talviste A prototype of an online privacy-preserving questionnaire system
Margus NiitsooHighly optimized 3-party protocols for Sharemind
Bingsheng ZhangEfficient Primitive Protocols for Sharemind
Sven LaurSharemind: Roadmap for future research
11:50-14:00 swimming and other sports
14:00-15:00 lõunasöök / lunch
15:00-16:45 Dusko PavlovicOn unreasonable ineffectiveness of security engineering: the example of adverse selection of trust certificates
Eero VainikkoF2F Computing — A friendly modular and secure environment for spontaneous distributed computing
16:45-17:15paus / break
17:45-19:00 Dominique UnruhCoSP: A framework for computational soundness proofs
Risto LaanojaTighter Security Proofs for Linking-Based Time-Stamping Schemes
19:00-20:00 õhtusöök / dinner
20:00- saun & diskussioon / sauna & discussion

Pühapäev, 13. juuni / Sunday, June 13th

08:30-09:30 hommikusöök / breakfast
09:30-11:15 Madeline González MuñizStrong forward security in signcryption schemes
Helger LipmaaMulti-Query Computationally-Private Information Retrieval with Constant Communication Rate
Henri LakkA Model-driven Security Development
11:15-11:45paus / break
11:45-12:55 Dinh Thuc NguyenA lightweight solution for wireless LAN: letter-envelope protocol
Peeter LaudOn the (Im)possibility of Perennial Message Recognition Protocols without Public-Key Cryptography
13:00-14:00 lõunasöök / lunch
  sport & ärasõit / sports & departure

Liina Kamm
Peeter Laud
Helger Lipmaa
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