Graphs (Autumn 2008)

Final results

Here are the final results. Some comments on grading are in order. When putting the limits of grades as agreed before (E from 40.5 to 48 points, D from 48.5 to 56 points, etc.), there would be no "A"-s and all the grades would be towards the low side (Except for "F"-s. The number of "F"-s is very reasonable). I found this situation to be unacceptable. Not knowing any better what to do, I decided to try grading on the curve, although I'm generally against it. So I sorted the results and tried to put the limits between grades into larger gaps. This worked out quite well, giving about the same distribution (10% of "A"-s and "E"-s; 25% of "B"-s and "D"-s; 40% of "C"-s) as stated by the ECTS grading guidelines, except that the number of "C"-s is a bit larger at the expense of "D"-s. So, let these be the grades for this year. The analysis of what happened will be done sometime during the Spring.

Time and location
Event Time Location
Lectures Fri 12:15 - 13:45 Liivi 2-405 Peeter Laud
Practice sessions Mon 14:15 - 15:45 Liivi 2-315 Margus Niitsoo
Thu 12:15 - 13:45 Liivi 2-405 Liina Kamm
1st test, reattempt January 8th, 9:15 Liivi 2-206
2nd test, reattempt January 19th, 9:15 Liivi 2-315
3rd test, reattempt January 15th, 9:15 Liivi 2-315

Grading: there will be three tests during the term, each worth 28 points (possible to repeat during the exam session). There is also possibility to collect extra points (up to 5) in the practice sessions. The grading will be done as if the maximum number of points were 80.

The first test will take place in October 10th, instead of the lecture. The usage of printed / written materials is allowed, but the laptops, mobile phones and other devices capable of communication must remain put away.

The contents of the lectures is similar to the previous years. The electronic version of our lecture notes (in Estonian) can be found there, too.


Slides of the lectures: